We are making carnival masks!


A few weeks of carnival ahead of us, which will be filled with fun and masked balls. It is worth taking care of the appropriate disguise, which will be completed by a fancy mask. Thanks to her, we can play the role of a favorite hero for a moment. On January 11th , we invite you to a family creative workshop, during which the youngest will make masks of their favorite fairy-tale characters on their own.

For the preparation of carnival masks, workshop participants will use templates that they will be able to paint, paint with colored paper and feathers, and decorate with sequins and brocade. In this way, masks will be created symbolizing the characters of the unicorn, Spiderman, Batman, Elsa and many other fairy-tale heroes, who will be summoned by children's fantasy.

Creative family workshops will take place on January 11th  in the shopping mall arcade. Classes will start at 12:00 and will last until 17:00. Free entrance!

We invite you to come!