"Misja - Święta" - free performance for children


Alarm in the land of Santa Claus! Gifts that were supposed to reach good children from all over the world were lost - this is how the extraordinary Christmas story begins, to which we invite our youngest guests. The little ones who will sit in front of our theater stage on December 21st , will find out what is most important on Christmas. Free entrance!

An incredible thing has happened! All gifts prepared for good children are lost. A small boy from Brazil, his friend from Poland and a girl from China will save the holidays. Are the heroes of the spectacle "Misja - Święta" will save Christmas?

During the performance, small viewers will not only embark on an adventurous fairytale expedition, but also learn about the Christmas traditions of other countries. The meeting will also be an opportunity to see that being with others and the festive atmosphere are more important than gifts.

Performance "Misja - Święta" will be played on December 21st  at 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00. Free entrance!

We invite you to come!