Little Red Riding Hood will visit children at the Auchan Bydgoszcz Shopping Center


The story of a little girl who becomes a dangerous wolf on her way to her grandmother's house is probably one of the most popular fairy tales. This Saturday, January 18th , children will visit the Auchan Bydgoszcz Shopping Center to learn about its funny adaptation. Free entrance!

The story of a little girl in a red hood and a bad wolf who ate grandma was first introduced by Charles Perrault over three hundred years ago, and many years later she was reminded by the Grimm brothers. A completely new adaptation of this classic story will be presented to the youngest viewers this Saturday, January 18th  on the stage at Auchan Bydgoszcz Shopping Center.

Does a scary wolf have to be angry? How will Little Red Riding Hood handle the animal? The story told lightly and with humor will surely win the hearts of not only the youngest participants of the performance. The show will also be made more attractive by colorful costumes and stage design.

Saturday's performance "Czerwony Kapturek" will begin this year's series of theater meetings for children entitled "Family meetings with theater". Every third Saturday of the month, young viewers will experience the colorful world of the theater, filled with colorful decorations and cheerful music. They will learn the stories of exceptional heroes that carry important values, such as friendship, cooperation, and supporting others in need.

Theater ""Czerwony Kapturek" " will be held on January 18th  at the Auchan Bydgoszcz Shopping Center at Rejewskiego 3 in Bydgoszcz. The performance will be played three times at 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00. Free entrance!