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Visit "Przystanek w ciemności"

From 15/10 to 16/10
On October 15th, we celebrate the International White Cane Day, in which it is worth paying special attention to the challenges and problems that blind people face on a daily basis. Therefore, in cooperation with the creators of „Niewidzialna ulica” project, we invite you to visit the exhibition in a special tent, where you will be able to see how blind and partially sighted people explore the world and move in it. The installation will be available on October 15th and 16th and will be guided by a blind person.

In complete darkness, created in a special tent with an area of ​​9 sq. m. you will be able to see how the senses of touch, hearing and smell help with orientation in space when eyesight fails. During the visit, under the supervision of a guide - a visually impaired person - visitors will be able to experience life in the dark and learn how blind people function every day, how they recognize colours, shop or sew a button, and what situations are the most difficult for them.

Initiative entitled "Przystanek w ciemności" was organized together with the creators of „Niewidzialna ulica” project. This is an unusual place in Poznań at Matejki Street, where the so-called an invisible exhibition and various events and workshops are organized. This place was created to bring the lives of blind and partially sighted people and their perception of the world closer to those who enjoy good eyesight.

- This few-minute experience is not only a fascinating journey into the world of imagination, getting to know our senses better, but also a bridge of understanding with disabled people, a lesson in empathy and an attempt to understand people who live differently. On a daily basis, we do not wonder who the blind and visually impaired people who pass by on our way to work or school feel and what they feel. The guides will perfectly introduce visitors to their world felt with the senses of touch, hearing and smell. Therefore, we cordially invite you to visit "Przystanek w ciemności" together with family or friends - says Jolanta Jolanta Zielińska-Kaźmierczak, author of the "Invisible Street" project in Poznań.

Our Shopping Centre regularly participates in important social campaigns and organizes events for local communities.

- Initiatives and projects that support people in a difficult life situation and help in their integration into the community can always count on our support. That is why it is with great pleasure that we host the "Przystanek w ciemności" exhibition in our space and we are glad that in this way we can contribute to drawing the attention of Bydgoszcz residents to the challenges faced by people with disabilities and their needs - says Adam Kozioł, marketing manager at Auchan Bydgoszcz Shopping Centre.

The installation "Przystanek w ciemności" will take place on October 15th and 16th in the passage of our Shopping Centre during the working hours of the facility, that is from 9:00 to 21:00. 

We invite you to come!