A fairy tale about a knight without a horse


On February 15th, the puppet show will take children to the world of princesses, dragons and wizards. Free entrance!

A shoemaker walks without shoes, and a knight ... without a horse? The main character of the show staged on our stage on Saturday, February 15th, worries that he has no companion and is trying to remedy this. During the search for the main character's mount, he will meet a lot of funny adventures, which will certainly bring a smile to the faces of small viewers. " Baśń o rycerzu bez konia " by Marta Guśniowska is a humorous puppet show that will be shown as part of this year's series entitled "Family meetings with the theater".

A lot of colorful characters will appear on the theater stage, including a princess, wizard, scary dragon and mouse-bat. The performance is carried out on the author's stage, and puppets will play the roles of the main characters. An interesting plot will make not only children, but also adults, spend time happily.

The show will take place on February 15th in the passage of the Centre. The performance will be shown three times at 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00. Free admission!