See the theater of magic bubbles!


What is the best recipe for the well-being of all children? On October 19th , the kids taking part in the show will find that playing with soap bubbles puts everyone in a great mood! Participation in the performance is free!

It's time to move into the fantastic world of theater and magic! On October 19th , our Center will turn into ... a bubble space in which there is no gravity, and fleeting props create an unforgettable experience! Children will move into the world of stage fun and magic tricks, co-creating a performance with the actors.

The bubble performance is an amazing dose of humor and good energy for the whole family. The spectacle will be full of unusual colors, lights and sounds, and the story will feature unusual pranks and extraordinary adventures. Participation in the event is a unique opportunity to fit completely into the huge soap bubble!

The theater will take place on October 19th  and will be played three times at 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00. Free admission.

We invite you to come!