The goldfish will fulfill the wishes of children


On August 17th , we invite all children to an informative spectacle as part of the „Rodzinne spotkania z teatrzykiem” series. The story of a goldfish fulfilling dreams will awaken the imagination of viewers and remind us of the negative effects of greed. Free entrance.

What if you caught a gold fish that would have to make your dreams come true? Soon the little guests of the Center will reflect on their three wishes and will support the heroes of the spectacle who will face an important choice. Will they manage to make the right decisions and will the goldfish fulfill their dreams?

The main characters of the performance will be two friends – Koperek and Kminek. There will be frequent quarrels between good friends - both half-joked and serious ones regarding important issues. Will the heroes be able to share the wishes that the goldfish will offer? Catching a magic fish will certainly be a test of character for both characters and will make the youngest ones reflect on greed.

Theater The "Goldfish" will take place on August 17th. The performance will be played three times at 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00 Free admission.

We invite you to come!