Autumn craze with the art of collage - creative workshops for children


The autumn weather can inspire you to transfer thoughts and impressions to paper, and the best way to do this will be popular art journaling. On October 12th  during family creative workshops, the youngest and their parents will create illustrated diaries. Free admission!

Autumn doesn't have to be gray! Children who will  visit our Center on October 12th  will find out. Participants will create colorful autumn images that will reflect their mood, autumn aura or document the events of recent weeks. Keeping an illustrated diary, popularly called art journaling, is a fashionable method of transferring thoughts onto paper that can spice up long autumn evenings.

During joint Saturday fun, the youngest, under the watchful eye of experienced animators, will create autumn paintings using collage art. Participants will use different decorating techniques - paint, colored paper or fabrics will be used to perform the work, which will be used in any way. Workshops are a great opportunity to free creative decks hidden in the youngest artists!

Creative workshops will take place on October 12th . Classes will be conducted from 12:00 to 17:00. Free entrance.

We invite you to come!